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Phoenix Flight Entertainment is a production company solely dedicated to producing children's educational programming. We Educate, Inspire, Inform, and Stimulate the Exchange of Ideas for our most precious resource our children.  We also feel that the entertainment industry has a sense of responsibility to today's children for a better tomorrow.


Freddy james CEO of Phoenix Flight Entertainment Studio, will be starting up a new production company in 2020 of which he will be doing business as Phoenix Flight Entertainment.  The nature of the business shall be to raise the financing for the production of a children's educational TV series, all scripts are owned and written by Freddy James. Scripts are all registered and copy written at the US Copyright Office in New York City and Washington DC. All costumed characters are Patented and Trademarked.  

He is seeking a limited partnership to be formed with a group of seriously interested investors. They may also have the opportunity to become equal partners for the series depending on how deeply they become involved. 

The partnership will be capitalized at $250,740. without over call. There will be a minimum of ten limited partners with a fixed amount of $25,074. for each limited partner to contribute. Contributions will be kept in trust in an interest-bearing special savings account and may not be used until $250,740. has been raised.  All contributions will be returned in full with interest if the budget has not been reached by December 31, 2020

Scripts, budgets, studio, film crew, cast, and a distribution representative are all in place. Project is already generating strong early interest from toy companies.

It encourages me to think that we can have a positive influence on future generations and can start them on a strong path toward the rest of their life. Phoenix Flight Entertainment is hoping to instill some " good old - fashioned values! "

As this is a new extremely low risk viable concept, this investment is a money-making investment not a break-even investment. It is crucial we act upon this idea now, as I feel the timing is right to launch this show into a market that is starving for what we have to offer. No time should be squandered in making it a reality on the airwaves.

While the amount of capital at risk is minimal, this venture have been carefully structured to have the highest probability of financial success. The return on investments for any kind of children's programming is considerable.  This investment request is based on detailed financial projections (attached) to significant projects.