Investors, Make the one investment you will have a lot of fun with     

         Roddy Raccoon

                                                                         Practical Living Skills and Moral Values
       for Children in Today's world

                We Educate, Inspire, Inform, and Stimulate the Exchange of Ideas for
        our most precious resource our children 

As it has always been and always will be, this country's most precious resource is its children, as they will shape America's future.

 Being a loving parent is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have. We  can love our spouse, love our friends and even love our pets. But none of us know what love  is until we have children. We are responsible and accountable for the way we         discharge that responsibility.

I have researched many hours of children's programming and have determined  

Sadly, a popular of  "strictly for fun" useless choices containing vulgar and nonsense are cluttering our sets, such as The Simpson's, Beavis and Butt - Head, South Park and King of  the Hill, along with violent video games and pinball machines, which are nothing more then killing simulators. We need to ask ourselves, what are they learning from it? And are they smarter for it?

These shows are the " empty calorie/junk food" programming our kids are feasting on. We feel such fluff is wasting valuable learning time in our child's life. For this very reason Roddy Raccoon couldn't have come along at a better time.

I'm producing two shows at the same time, Parenting Parents ( The Fine art of Raising Children in a Modern Family Unit for Parents and Grandparents). And Roddy Raccoon (Practical Living Skills And Moral Values For Children in today's World)

Each episode of the Roddy Raccoon show will be EntertainingEducational, Character Building, and  Morally Responsible. Along with self-pride, respect for themselves as well as othersmanners, and
( the  three P's PolitePunctual, and Please, an more ).  It is to be a live-action show preferred  more by  children. And is intended for boys and girls ages 2-7  the show is a unique format and will be an exciting children's TV series, Roddy Raccoon will fulfill the ultimate goal... to be an enjoyable safe show that children will watch, learn and grow from. And it combine fascinating costumed characters and educational stories. We believe once parents know these show excites, not only will they encourage their child to sit and watch it, they might actually watch it along with them.

Since Roddy Raccoon is a live-action show and our audience are small children, our cast of costumed characters will be ( midgets/little people ) that we believe our audience will connect with and relate to better, as they will be characters of their own size. As this is a new viable concept, it is crucial we act upon this idea now, as I feel the timing is right to launch this shows into a market that is starving for what we have to offer. No time should be squandered in making it a reality on the airwaves. not only will this show grow a life of its own they will actually sell themselves, We need more shows like this and the need is there. Roddy Raccoon is a money making investment not a brake-even one. Phoenix Flight Entertainment is hoping to instill some " good old fashioned values! "  

The shooting of all pilots and episodes will be completed at Bennu production studio in New York City or in Pa scripts, budgets, cast, camera lighting and sound crew and a distribution representative are all in position.  

We intend to distribute Roddy direct to DVD and Website sales, to network television companies, international distributors and foreign sales agents, daycare centers, supermarkets, department stores, schools, libraries, trains, airlines, ships at sea, and video stores, ext. Our show will also have tie-ins to other ancillary markets such as comic books, jewelry, clothing, lunch boxes, toys, etc. The merchandising market for children's television is an $80 billion dollar industry. Phoenix Flight will reap on these rewards as well. Phoenix Flight will keep certain markets to sell itself, its just good business for an   investor and producer.    

Roddy Raccoon takes place in a cozy cottage in the woods, where Ms. Fizz lives with Roddy. She is a very gentle 40-50 year old woman, something of a Mary Popins about her. she takes care of Roddy who lost his parents when he was born. Its not beyond her to occasionally fight fire with fire. 

Roddy is a seven year old, cranky, mischievous raccoon who is very bold and sassy in a slapstick fashion. This little raccoon is hungry most of the time and rarely lets a snacking opportunity pass him by.  He also enjoys arguing with everybody and again in a slapstick fashion Just like small children with attitudes, humorous situations arise for Roddy. However, when he does wrong, Roddy finds a way to fix it and learns yet another lesson on the road to life.

In January 2021 Freddy James will be starting up a new production company of  which he will be doing business as Phoenix Flight Entertainment. The nature of the business shall be to raise the financing for the production of the pilots only. He is seeking a partnership to be formed with a group of seriously interested investors willing to become financially committed. Investors may also have the opportunity to become equal partners depending on how deeply they become involved.   

The partnership will be capitalized at $250,740. for the Roddy Raccoon pilot and without over call. There will be a minimum of ten partners with a fixed amount of $25,074 for each partner to contribute. Contributions will be kept in trust in an interest-bearing special savings account and may not be used until $250,740 has been raised. All contributions will be returned in full with interest if the budget has not been reached by December 31, 2021. 

With the minimal amount of capital at risk, this venture has been carefully structured to have the highest probability of financial success. The return on investments for any kind of children's programming is considerable. This investment request is based on detailed financial projections attached to significant projects for Roddy Raccoon. There is a need for this kind of shows, and the need is there, again not only will this show grow a life of it's own, it will actually sell it self.    

We may have only " one chance to get it right "
and Phoenix Flight is committed of doing just that )

See Our Sister Show   

Here is just a sample of the opening show for Roddy Raccoon
                                                             Visualize the opening scene
EXT. Day
Fade in

       Camera is slowly panning the woods as opening credits are rolling.  We see various
       natural activities including animals moving about, as credits are ending.  We see a
       group of young children playing by a stream, when one of the little girls looks into
       the stream and notices a shiny bright object in the water.

 Hay, look what I found

Let's  See

They all go over to Sarah and look in the stream, Sarah bends over picks up a shiny abject and starts to dry it off. As the other children look on, we  see a puff of smoke.

LAP Dissolve into Roddy's den.


What Parents and Educators Are Saying About Our Two Shows
Roddy Raccoon and Parenting Parents

An extensive  amount of research has been done on Roddy Raccoon and Parenting Parents... Along with a survey which has taken months, I have personality met with Psychologists and Directors for Child Behavior, Educational Consultants, School Teachers and Parents combining this research with everyday working Parents.

Here are some of the results

 Parent  1:
            With both of us working, we are always looking for something to make the time we have with our children more meaningful and productive. We believe Roddy Raccoon and Parenting Parents would be a wonderful and extra helpful tool for our entire family.

Parent   2:
          I like the idea that Roddy Raccoon and Parenting Parents can help us learn new positive approaches. We believe everyone in our family would end up happier.

Parent  3:
            My husband and I watched our children grow up, get married and have children of their own. We have tremendous concern about the problems that we know they were going to face now in raising their children in these times. So  it's nice to know that a show like Roddy Raccoon and Parenting Parents can come along and give our next generation some help along the way. I would recommend Roddy Raccoon and Parenting Parents to every parent.

A School Teacher:
               Parents of all ages and stages, mothers and fathers need help in the most important mission they will ever undertake Parenting their children. The Roddy Raccoon and Parenting Parents show will absolutely fill some of the void.

Educational Consultant:
             I'll be eager to recommend the Roddy Raccoon and Parenting Parents show as widely as possible, in addition to its value for children.

Additionally, upon reviewing this material, a standing ovation is due to the producer who spent patience, dedication, perseverance and commitment to the value of a project such as this.