Investors Make The One Investment, You'll Have A Lot of Fun With

In the motion picture and television industry, we try to create shows that the audience has never seen before, that can be difficult because they have seen just about everything. However, we believe we have done just that.

We have educational stories that combines fascinating costume characters, with emotionally exquisite visual beauty.

We believe that we have the excellent children's educational TV show that will work on all artistic and technical levels. We have designed the overall production with a singular artistic vision that assures all individual production elements will combine and blend into a children's educational TV show of breath-taking depth and beauty.

The networks offers 13/26/87/or 260 episodes

The networks will offer a starting deal for 13 episodes at 30 to 60 Thousand per episode. The next offer most likely will be 26 episodes. We could wind up with 260 episodes witch would keep us working for the next 5 to 6 years. cash advance depending on the deal n/a at this time  

​A Toy company negotiating deal

In 2019 the children's television market was an 80 Billion dollar industry, in the past it usually went up about 8% each year. We intend to negotiate a 100 to 200 thousand advance they will offer a 100 advance that's what we want anyway. We then will negotiate a percentage deal about 30% they will offer about 20%. again that's what we want. This is about how the deal might work n/a at this time. We have already generated strong early interest. 

​ Distribution plan

In order to protect your investment to its utmost, we intend to distribute to Schools, Libraries, Daycare Centers, Department Stores, Supermarkets, Airlines, Ships at sea, Trains and DVD Outlets

Here is the best part, we are approaching the networks television market and the distribution markets with two projects we will make a hell-of-a-deal for both projects, I call that the best of both worlds.  

The project is expedited at a faster rate, meaning quicker investment recruitment, you have a safer investment, because you're guaranteed that your show has someplace to go upon completion. This is just another way of cutting your downside risk.

For all of these elements to fall into place, we need from you the investor, either up-front financing OR guarantee letters for our budget. We will be able to approach a distributor, when the distributor sees that the project is viable, and understands it's fully financed, he will know that the show will be completed. He will then be interested in talking a real deal, rather then one on spec. Therefore, being in this position allows us more negotiation leverage for a most advantageous distribution deal.

Contributions will be kept in trust in an interest-bearing special savings bank account and may not be used until the entire budget has been raised. All contributions will be returned in full, together with the amount of interest earned for the partnership. If the budget has not been raised by December 31, 2020 all contributions will be returned in full.

If this investment interested you and fits into your portfolio feel free to contact me at any time.

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