The purpose of this report is to make you aware and provide you with details of Freddy James credibility experience, and qualifications. He has worked under writers, producers, directors, and negotiated film financing for the motion picture and television industry with investors.

 Key Strengths:  
Lie in script writing and re-writs for motion pictures and children's television productions, distribution, project development, budgets, construction of set design, business plans, limited partnership agreements, contracts and a consultant for first time investors on the dos and don'ts of the deal. 

Personal Strengths:  
Strong communication skills in interrelating with people at all levies. Ability to manage a variety of tasks and responsibilities simultaneously and effectively, to exercise prudent judgment in decision-making areas. Career reflects hard work, reliability, competence and confidence underscored by personal commitment and performance.

Freddy is Highly creative and adaptable to a variety of people and situations. works together and meets deadlines, able to direct team spirit and effort. Strong organizational, planning, interpersonal, and problem solving skills, pays attention to details, yet can follow-through to goals.

*   secure in authority
*   orderly and organized
*   independent
 a problem-solver
*  a calculated risk-taker and believer in long-shot              odds
*   happy to do good business with real people
*   open-minded when acquiring and developing new           projects
*   uncompromising in his standards and work ethic,           which means the work is done now, the right way
*   fully hands-on, since the best management visits              customers, suppliers and workers to be aware 
        of trouble areas and strong points
*   aware of his capabilities so he is comfortable                    running his own show
*   aware of his limitations, so he also accepts 
        authority  when he knows it's legitimate
*  an extrovert, which is vital in the entertainment              industry, the most social type of business in the               world

*  how to make important decisions, weigh pros and           cons to expedite a decision quickly
*   you must allow some failure with your people.               Otherwise, they lose heart. It's wise to show 
        faith in their ability
*  a respected, talented person in this business is like          having a golden goose; you want as many as 
      possible  and take proper care of them
*   owning your own business is tough and stressful
*    professional pressures will increase and family                 relationships will be strained
*   long hours and struggles are normal and affirms             that worst thing to do would be to give up
*   when you give up a dream, you die. This he truly             believes

*    many years of management experience through               line producing and supervising a variety of 
         people and projects
*    demanded excellence of himself, his office                         personnel, cast and crew and achieved
         it to make the most of their talents
*     experience with supplier, customer and 
         employee conflicts-he has handled them as 
         fairly and quickly  as possible
*     maintained control of many sensitive situations
*     displayed grace under pressure and demands 
         the same of his people
*     physical and emotional strength and stamina
*     an amazing amount of energy
*     within himself, recognized the extent of the
       creative need for new challenges and developed
       means to meet these needs through the initiation
       of Phoenix Flight Entertainment and business
       at hand

           " Practicing my artistic craft through successful  implementation of my many business projects will
enable me to reach my personal and professional 
goals, which coincide to a great degree "

*   enjoy the independence of being a successful                   business owner
*   achieve the satisfaction of seeing my plans come             true
*   provide the means to a richer and more fulfilling             life for both myself and my family
*   make a mark in life by leaving behind a legacy               for my children
*   create a successful business by drawing on my 
       background in a field I know and love ( and the
       only job I've ever had that I've never been late for)
*   do something I regard as worthwhile to my                     customers and the public
*   work with people in the entertainment 
       business who share my values and level 
       of professionalism
*   to join several business groups including those                 outside of my industry-to increase my networking
       capabilities to make invaluable professional                     contacts 

After many years in the industry, Freddy James no longer qualifies as an outsider
Freddy James

3249 Woodlea Road Orefield, Pa 18069

Scott Durrett