From The Mind Of Freddy James

From Smoke Screen To The Silver Screen The New Breed Of Film Investors

I recommend you think of this report as a wake up call

​Investing With The Mind

​You may view the independent filmmaker's first major production as an undervalued company, when shopping around for such an investment, you must determine if their act is together, and if they have potential... positive evidence of room for growth. Even when the producer lacks a previous major undertaking, he is competent, and hires capable people with plenty of experience in their beloved field. This experience results in established credibility, In the film industry. The jobs only come to you when a person "in the know"  believes in you.

I have written  this report for two reasons... out of sheer frustration, and to open the minds of  first time investors about film and television investments. Notice I didn't mention eyes for they are already open, I have also taken the time to think about how the world looks from an investors point of view. Many potential investors have been frightened by anyone who asks for there hard-earned cash with suspicion. Especially, when it comes to movie and television investments.  

Over the years I have dealt with hundreds of investors outside the film industry, It's a fact of life most of them are shaken by the same fear, movies and television are to risky to invest in I have to ask myself, none of these investors know anything about the movie or television industry they have never made one, nor invested in one. 

So, where did such thinking originate? American investors live too close to Hollywood and here to many horror stories about the big studio deals going bad, It also comes from the investors' friends... Because their friends told them the same thing. Some people enjoy "playing telephone" they hear things then pass on the interesting yet possibly distorted tidbit And so on, and so on... These people all proclaim strong negative statements regarding an industry they really know nothing about. But if you ask them for a reason as to why movies and television are considered risky you'll never get a solid answer. When people zero in on any business deal's faults - true or exaggerated - they unwittingly are reinforcing the risk factor. 

Now, you need to ask yourself - if the movie and television industry is so risky to invest in, why are so many movies and television shows being made each year, and showing enormous profits? And why is this industry the largest cash-flow industry in the world? If the movie and television industry is such a losing proposition, why will it never go out of business? 

Chasing Away The Demon Triplets
Your Money Your Choice...

Allow me to present you with a fresh outlook regarding movie and television investments. But to properly do so, it is of paramount importance that you do your part first.  You must leave behind the old school of thought regarding risky movie and television enterprises, for it is totally obsolete.

As you read this next section, a better clarification of the amazing world of motion picture and television investments will unfold. you may think: "What opportunities have I already passed up? The important idea here is not to dwell on past investment regrets. Instead, you should focus this "self-revenge" energy onto participating in a lucrative film or television deal. Visualize your own determined future, The critical thing you'll agree upon is that you want your dollars to grow like wildfire:

Peer-pressure traps are quietly lurking about in the corporate world. As easily as saying, "Sure, I'll go along with you guys!" regarding a groupskiing escapade, you can jump onto the bandwagon of a bad deal. Again if your friends tell you that any movie or television investment is unwise, they may do so while wearing poke-dot underwear. Their advice - as well as their taste in clothing - is a perfect fit for their own life. There advice - as well as their taste in clothing - is a perfect fit for their own life, not necessarily yours. They didn't give you your fortune, so they shouldn't spend it for you either. It's always best to listen to your own mind.

Do you shy away from an idea when you don't automatically understand it? You may feel safer when handling deals you're familiar with, and this makes it very easy to walk away from a new opportunity. You may not even care about the movie or television industry, nor particularly enjoy watching them. You don't need to. The only thing you must do is welcome a good investment when it comes your way, even if it's a new idea. Success often requires some level of risk, and a lot of creative thinking. 

When You Play The Investment Game

When you play the investment game, even with many ventures in your portfolio, you are well aware that the odds for making any sizeble returns are fair at best. As you anxiously watch for the upticks and downticks it should dawn on you that when all is well with your carefully-planted capital contribution seeds, you will spend most of your investment career breaking even. Movies and television are a profit investment, not a break-even investment.

With good business - and good movies and television
productions a balance must exist, which is actually a simply formula.

Good Product
Active Distribution Strategy
Hungry Markets

Successful and Profitable Product

Investing is a true art, which one may designate as a decidedly acceptable form of gambling. Being an outsider,  this producer perceives investing prosperity as a unique concoction of one or several of the following concepts:

  1.   Careful tracking of markets coupled with careful
        financial planning.

   2.  The "right" syndrome: Being in the right place at                the  right time with the right people sharing the                  right  advice.

   3.   Sheer Luck.

Have you noticed I have not mentioned logic? It   does  not seem to factually apply when considering this trade

For the investors willing to change 
their way of thinking

In The Producer We Trust

It is true that most investors in independent movies and television production do not make their primary living off those investments. They are people who have been successful in various businesses and professions. You are a businessman or businesswoman and you should enter the entertainment industry just as you would any good business industry; make decisions based on solid business judgment and trust your own instincts. It was those instincts that gave you the money to invest in the first place, so don't desert them now. 

You can read a script and look at a budget with intelligence, once you have been given a few basic rules of the industry. It is not important to know how to make a movie or television show; it is more important to know how to make money. It might be very interesting to learn about color timing and lenses for cameras; but that is knowledge that makes for good cocktail conversation. It probably will not help you invest. To invest in a movie or television show you need to know some basics. 

If you were going to invest in the oil industry, you would naturally like to hit a gusher. But I submit that it is more important not to hit a dry hole. Deep wells are great... but expensive and potentially a big loss. Upper tier wells are safer, cheaper and the potential loss is minimized.The movie and television industry, is more like the latter. With good product and merchandising in demand and lots of markets. Ask yourself, would you hit a totally dry hole?

Your money is like a baby... you labored for it, made important choices involving it, and lost a lot of sleep over it. Consequently, you want it to experience no harm! How very much alike we are. I hold identical truths about my baby - the film itself. I also labor for it, make choices and lose sleep - but not from worry. The simple fact: movies and television production takes up twenty or so hours a day,  for the duration of time from prey - production, production to distribution. I must always have my switch "on" Just remember, as your project's producer, both of our babies may wind up in the same crib. Since I take care of my baby, I simply cannot ignore yours.

The well - informed investor makes a more intelligent decision regarding project acceptance. When you learn about the business aspects you'll stay fully comfortable. This is despite the fact that you have no creative control,and little say in the business itself. You should understand that you have an automatic participation in the project through your capital contribution.

All that's required is that you give the system an honest chance to work for you. It's like joining a health club to improve your body. If you go to the club regularly, use the machines, and do the exercises, you will be rewarded with a better body. But it won't happen just because you bought a membership, you've got to follow through.

There is no question that we are a glamour industry; we have stars, parties, and limousines and once created, we carve a little slice of history in each movie and television show. However, not one of these things should be a sufficient cause for you to invest in a movie or television production. Think of them as gravy on the potatoes, not the potatoes themselves.

This business can be enormously rewarding financially, emotionally, and socially to that part of you that wants to be a part of the creation of something I hope many of you who are reading this report will invest in film or television, and find it a wonderful experience. All things taken carefully into consideration, there is no reason why you should not...

You have just been given a crash course in independent motion picture and television investments. As you can see, film and television ventures do not have to be frightening. not every finished film made has a happy ending. But now you know what  to look for, and what kind of questions to ask. I hope I've changed your way of thinking And the next time someone tells you movies are too risky to invest in, you will hopefully all ready had a positive movie or television investment, and maybe you can change their way of thinking. 

One last word of warning   
Beware of  any "investment schemes"

Freddy James
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