Parenting Parents
 We Educate, Inspire, Inform, and Stimulate the Exchange of Ideas for our most precious resource our children
The Fine Art of Raising Children In A Modern Family Unit

Behold every parent's worst nightmare, does this creature really exist?
Do You Know This Child "

does your child always want, want, want, and won't take "no" for an answer? Have you experienced your child refusing to follow directions or throwing tantrums? How about the child who gets easily frustrated and destroys things! Then, there's that embarrassing bad behavior thing children do in public.

They say that when we have children, they don't come with directions. Lo and behold, they do, and  Help is on the way!

Parenting Parents will be a live talk show, and is designed not only for parents but grandparents as well since more and more grandparents are raising our children than ever before, about 2.6 million. Our guests will include: PhD's, psychologists, consultants, schoolteachers, daycare center operators, parents, grandparents, and others. We will be discussing many problems, including out of control children at home, in public, in school, and on the playground. 

I understand that raising children can be tiring, stressful, and sometimes frustrating. With all the time, effort, and energy we spend trying to raise our children, there are times when every parent and grandparent can use some help. Our show is about helping parents who sincerely want the best for their children.

With the nagging, whining, quarreling, and disobedient behavior, your home life may be a real battleground that can drive you crazy. Parenting Parents is not a show telling you how to raise your child; it's a show to help parents understand how to respond more effectively to unacceptable behaviors that take the joy out of family life. A positive parenting experience is within the reach of every family. Our show hopes to replace negative behaviors with those positive behaviors that you wish to see more often. Our show is hoping to bring real change into the household.

Each show will present a common sense approach to solving the many problems that parents and grandparents face when raising children. The show will offer down-to-earth practical solutions to everyday family issues.

Each carefully thought out show will be unique, viewer-friendly, and true to its name as child behavior management. The advice is given in a simple, friendly, and non-threatening way. I believe parents will enjoy and reap real benefits from it.

I believe that a positive parenting experience is within the reach of every family. Our show hopes to replace negative behaviors with positive behaviors. 

Good behavior can follow when parents provide their child with affection and consistent guidance in a stable family atmosphere. This is how we all win as parents, rewarded by children that grow up to be happy, healthy, and productive adults.

We cannot be with our children at all times, but what we show and teach our kids will stay with them forever.

​Suggested Shows 

There are over two hundred categories & topics on child behavior. 

   The Ripple Effect On Mom And Dad

How is the mother affected? How is the father affected? How are the siblings affected? How is the marriage affected? How is your relationship with your extended family affected? Are other family problems worsening?



on the marriage; feelings of being shut-out; questioning spouse's decisions; jealous of spouse's relationship with the child; no energy for each other; work related issues; personal problems; in-law issues; financial pressures; dealing with divorce; the "difficult" adopted child 

What Parents and Educators are Saying About Our Two Shows
Roddy Raccoon and Parenting Parents

Family 1
With both of us working, we are always looking for something to help make the time we have with our children more meaningful and productive. We believe Parenting Parents would be a wonderful and extra helpful tool for our entire family.

Family 2
I like the idea that Parenting Parents can help us learn new positive approaches. We believe everyone in our family would end up happier.

Family 3
My husband and I watched our children grow up, get married, and recently have children of their own. We have tremendous concern about the problems that we know they were going to face now in raising their children in these times. So it's nice to know that a show like Parenting Parents can come along and give our next generation some help along the way. I would and will recommend Parenting Parents to every parent I know. 

A School Teacher
Parents, of all ages and stages, need help in the most important mission they will ever undertake parenting their children. The Parenting Parent show will absolutely fill some of the void.

Educational Consultant
I'd be eager to recommend this Parenting Parents show as widely as possible. In addition, it has great value for children. 

Child Psychologist
My colleagues and I are excited to finally hear about a show like Parenting Parents that will finally exist and give realistic advice on parenting children and also adolescents. I strongly recommend this show as a resource for new parents and experienced parents alike. 

Additionally, upon reviewing this material, a standing ovation is due to the producer who showed patience, dedication, perseverance, and commitment to the value of a project such as this. 


As a single parent myself, when I began producing children's television I had strong beliefs about how children can be raised. I still do. It is my belief that for children to reach happy adulthood, their self-image must be built on a history of experiences in which their efforts toward good behavior are noticed and appreciated. Our parents tried to do that for us, and we should do the same for our children.

As parents, we have only a finite amount of time to instill a foundation of moral values on which they can build their future. 

Parenting is a daunting task and there's no such thing as having too much knowledge on how to carry out that task. We all can use help to do the job well!

Children cannot raise themselves properly, and there is no substitute for loving parental leadership in children's lives. The goal in raising children is to give them tools to become responsible adults. Children can't grow without taking risks. Children can't play without falling down... And, ultimately, an adolescent can't enter young adulthood until they are released from their parents protective custody. 

Ultimately, the key to competent parenting is being able to get behind the eyes of your child to see what he/she sees and feels.

There are qualities in your child that may have gone unnoticed. Find them, cultivate them. Take the time to make something beautiful in your child's life!

Children are incredibly vulnerable to rejection, ridicule, criticism, and anger at home, and they deserve to grow up in an environment of safety, acceptance, and warmth.

The right to criticize your child must be earned; even if the advice is constructive in nature... you are obligated first to demonstrate your own respect for your child as a mother or father.

Be careful, and watch yourself closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen, or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.

A relationship that has love and affection in it is most likely to be a healthy one even though some parental mistakes and errors are inevitable.

When parents provide their child with affection and consistent guidance in a stable family atmosphere, good behavior can follow. This is how we all win as parents, rewarded by children that grow up to be happy, healthy, and productive adults.

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