Roddy Raccoon
Practical Living Skills and Moral Values
for Children in Today's world

We Educate, Inspire, Inform, and Stimulate the Exchange of Ideas for
our most precious resource our children 

  As it has always been and always will be, this country's most precious resource is its children, 
  as they will shape America's future.

   Being a loving parent is one of the most rewarding experiences anyone can have. We can
   love our spouse, love our friends and even love our pets. But none of us know what love is
   until we have children. We are responsible and accountable for the way we discharge that

   Eash episode of the Roddy Raccoon show will be Entertaining  ,Educational, Character 
   Building, and Morally Responsible. Along with self-pride, respect for themselves as well as 
   others, manners, and ( the three P's Polite, Punctual, and Please, an more ).  It is to be a 
   live-action show perferred more by children. And is intended for boys and girls ages 
   2-7 the show is a unique format and will be an exciting children's TV series, which 
   combines fascinating costumed characters and educational stories.  

   Roddy Raccoon takes place in a cozy cottage in the woods ? where Ms. Fizz lives with 
   Roddy. She is a very gentle 40-50 year old woman, something of a Mary Popins about 
   her. She takes care of Roddy who lost his parents when he was born. It is not beyond her
   to occasionally fight fire with fire. 

    Roddy is a seven year old, cranky, mischievous raccoon who is very bold.  This little
    raccoon is hungry most of the time and rarely lets a snacking opportunity pass him by.  
    He also enjoys arguing with everybody and can be a little sassy in a slap stick fashion  
    Just like small children with attitudes, humorous situations arise for Roddy.  However, 
    when he does wrong, Roddy finds a way to fix it and learns yet another lesson on the 
    road to life.

    The average child will have watched about 5,000 hours of television by the time they 
    enter first grade and 19,000 hours racked up on their "television ometer" by the end 
    of high school... more times then they will spend in class. On a positive note, television
    viewing may increase a child's attention-focusing ability. The question is how do we get
    them to focus in on shows from which they can really benefit?

    Sadly, a plethora of  "strictly for fun" useless choices containing vulgar nonsense are 
    cluttering our sets, such as The Simpson's, Beavis and Butt-head, South Park and King 
    of the hill. Along with violent video games and pin-ball machines which are nothing 
    more then killing simulators. We need to ask ourselves, what are they learning from it? 
    And are they smarter for it?

    These shows are the "empty calorie/junk food" programming our kids are feasting on. 
    We feel such fluff is wasting valuable learning time in our children's life. For this very 
    reason, Roddy Raccoon couldn't have come along at a better time. 

    Since Roddy Raccoon is a live-action show, and our audience is small children, our cast 
    of costumed characters will be midgets/little people that we believe our audience will 
    connect with and relate to better, as they will be characters of their own size.

    The shooting of all pilots and episodes will be completed at the home of Bennu 
    production studio in New York City ? scripts, budgets, cast, camera lighting and
    sound crue and a distribution representative are all in position. A distribution 
    escape route will also be in place. 

    So, what makes this show so special? Children need repartition and it will reinforce 
    what children are already being taught. And each episode will show our young viewers, 
    that when they do something wrong, they also can fix it. This show will fulfill the 
    ultimate goal...that children will watch, learn, and grow from. Not only will they learn 
    something, they will actually use this throughout their lives.  I believe, once parents 
    know this show excites, not only will they encourage their child to sit and watch it, they 
    might actually watch it along with them.

                          We need more shows like this and the need is there.

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                         Here is just a sample of the opening of oue show
                                        Visualize the opening sean
EXT. Day

Fade in

       Camera is slowly panning the woods as opening credits are rolling.  We see various
       natural activities including animals moving about, as credits are ending.  We see a
       group of young children playing by a stream, when one of the little girls looks into
       the stream and notices a shiny bright object in the water.

                                         Hay, look what I found!
Let's see

         They all go over to Sarah and look in, the little girl bends over picks it up and starts
         to dry it off.  As the other children look on, we see a puff of smoke.

         LAP Dissolve into Roddy's den.

         This show will grow a life of its own.