Here Is What We Have To Offer

  Roddy Raccoon
  Practical  living  skills  and  moral  values  for children in today's world

  Parenting Parents
  The fine art of raising children in a modern family unit for
  parents and grandparents alike

  Let's Create Something With The Little Raccoons
  Arts and crafts for children and more...

  Stirring Things Up With The Little Raccoons
  Home economics for children

  The Young Cry Help
  Special T/A Unit teenagers on drugs, alcohol, runaways and more...
  There are plans on taking the Special T/A unit to various institutions

  The Journey
  First time investors on,  the do's and don'ts of the deal

  It's Your Business
  Educational failures and successes on, the do's and don'ts of the industry

  We Educate, Inspire, Inform, and Stimulate the Exchange of Ideas for all. 

    Investing in these types of children's programming is extremely lucrative

                     We are the caretakers of our children's dreams...
                           What a difference we can make together!