Everyone  in life has his or her psychological burdens to bear. Often times, it is how others see us through their own eyes. For now, let us discuss your burden - the average person's image of a wealthy individual. Lower  and middle - class people deal with an economy that elevates the old bills, and it hands them new ones!

Frustration over struggle - filled lives and simple jealousy lead to resentment of people having enough pluck to put everything on the line. They may view you as a snob, who looks down on anyone not earning an income similar to your own.

These folks who see you as a cold, rich person should complete their very own line of thinking, starting with the cause of any superior attitude you may display, you should feel entitled to the arrogance associated with being well off, since there is beauty in rolling the dice and winning!

You can even feel a tiny bit of smug satisfaction:  "Damn I'm good! I actually pulled it off! Look at that big, beautiful bank account of mine now!" Such individuals should realize that you need a job to support yourself as you work towards your career goal. This is the exhausting, yet ultimately rewarding, truth, which will allow you to fulfill your dreams. Monet can bring happiness! You took the chance of making it big... and succeeded. There's a strong chance you'll never have to toll for money ever again. Even if the risk was high, you had the ambition to want success badly enough.

This made you smart enough to focus on evaluating the involved hazards. You decided your effort was worth your precious time, and you wanted to spend your bankroll in order to make money. Such strategy leads a business owner to invest in powerful advertising while good business reigns. This brings in new business and allows the perpetuation of positive momentum. 

Let's talk about two kindred spirits - investors and independent film and television producers. The public shuns the rich as they shun producers. After a producer finds his investor (a wealthy person), he himself becomes rich. So, we can conclude that public attitude of a movie and television producer doesn't change. From the start of the struggle, to the moment we join the ranks of millionaires, we truly stay in a class of our own. 

Generally, people look for something different to stimulate them. When it comes to new offerings, you probably tire easily of the same old boring investments. When you examine an average idea with the basic return possibilities, you may shrug.

Investors become addicted when they catch the obsession to land a risk - free investment... the ideal investment. Such an investment should be loaded with fringe benefits that affect your lifestyle, as well as your wallet. 

I theorize that to achieve happiness, you don't need luck or wealth (although admittedly they both help). Rather, you must think for yourself, be yourself, and find your niche in life. When making decisions for successful business, you are your own best friend making decisions for successful business, you are your own best friend or your own worst enemy. Following this theory, you should stride through each day at your top performance. the key to success is the understanding of pure logic. This involves studying proven facts, not simply being naive.

Living this war isn't always easy. It all requires patience, time, dedication, loyalty, effort and inner - strength. Sadly, many people take the easy way and go through life accepting things and behaving in the manner which is most convenient. Meanwhile, they blame others for the passe state of the world, However, it is never too late to change if they achieve a plateau of "Total Acceptance" - accepting their responsibilities the way people were meant to. What a happy and fulfilling life we could all lead!