Freddy James lived in New York City and studied in numerous capacities in acting, writing, and film production, his goal was to work in the entertainment industry. He then started his acting career at the New Jersey Public Theater. After three years at this theater, one of his most important assignments came when he was asked by that theater to produce, direct, and coordinate several other productions. He then moved on to his chosen profession in film and television in a free-lance capacity.

Film Credits:  
Law & Order, Law & Order Criminal Intent, The Equalizer, Prizzi's Honor, All My Children, The Son Of Sam,  Fort Apache The Bronx, Robocop, Night Hawks, Hunter, Lock Up, Without A Trace, The Hit Man, Turk 182!, Zelig, The Train, Lonely and The Brave, Offbeat,  Conversations With The Underground,  Money Talks,  Hometown,  Kane and Able,  Silent Death, The Second, Godlike, Grand Old Flag, Dr. Pepper, Sports Illustrated, Including   Spokesman For The Special Olympics in  1993.

He then signed on with Reina Productions as executive in charge of project development. His duties included: budgeting, script revisions, directing rehearsals, staging for shooting, locations, equipment and crue bookings, negotiating actors contracts, iab and rental house negotiations, also negotiating financing with investors. He was then approached by the Jersey City Council to function as Technical Director for the highly publicized TV's 100 Birthday Celebration Salute to Lady Liberty Children of the Immigrants.  In 1995 he was then called by Senator Paul Sumon of the United States Senate to oversee all phases of developmentfor the new documentary entitled: soldiers of Misfortune  the Persian Gulf War.    

Rewritten Screenplays: Snow Job for Leonard Schwende of the (DGA) Directors Gild of America. For independent producers, Just Divorced, Caught Up in the Crossfire, Rapture, Dragon Fire, and WASP. Written Screenplays Include: from the books Stalin's Gold and The Reckoning Trail by Richard B. Talbot writer and developer of books, magazine articles, games, and educational materials for children's television.

For children's programming consulted on Fluff  The Bear and the Let's Create TV series. Consulted and created the corporate logo for the Stirring Things Up With Calico Penny Kitten TV series. Due to his previous experience and success in the children's television market, he is currently the writer and producing his own TV series. 

His Upcoming Undertakings: in 2020 thru 2026 will be as writer producer and creator for children's educational programming. Roddy Raccoon (Practical living skills and moral values for children in today's world). Lets create Something With the little Raccoons and Stirring things Up With the Little Raccoons. Costume Characters and set Design was created by Freddy James in association with award winning graphic designer and illustrator Michael D. Ericsson from American Greeting Cards.

Also, Parenting Parents (the fine art of raising children in a modern family unit for parents and grandparents alike). The Yong Cry Help (a special T/A unit for teenagers on drugs, alcohol, runaways and more).The Journey ( a special series for first time investors on the dos and don'ts of the deal). Its Your Business (failures and successes on the dos and don'ts in the industry).

Additional undertakings was for Cooper and Don'ts productions.  Wrote all pilots, scripts, budgets, cash flow charts, arranging shooting schedules, release dates, casting of all visitors appearing, raised all financing and produced and directed all pilots and episodes. At BP Productions his duties included: film budgets and negotiated film investments with investors.

Mr. James completed the writing of his first screenplay Last Hour Of Honor and successfully raised $700,000 from M.J.M. investment group for the film production, but had to return it for lack of raising the rest of the budget. He also successfully raised $300.000 from a UK investment group for the making of the Parenting Parents and the Roddy Raccoon projects witch he refused to accept.    
 James began sharing his knowledge and wisdom of his experiences. He worked at the Sollazzo Theater Institute in New Jersey. There he coached actors on location, instructed students on inside information about the industry, and counseled novice filmmakers on maintaining professionalism and motivation. He, has also dun motivational speaking on career awareness, drugs and alcohol in schools in Pennsylvania.

James is the Author of the book, "From smoke screen to the silver screen the new breed of film investors" soon to be published. He is a member of the (AFI) American Film Institute, (AFTRA) American Federation Of Television and Radio Artists, and soon to be a signed signatory of the (DGA) Directors Guild Of America. He is an investor's consultant in the motion pictures and the television industry for investors on (The dos and don'ts of the deal. 

After thirty-eight years in the industry, Freddy James know longer qualifies as an outsider.

Agent:       Silvia Fay
Manager:  John Bilotti
Publicist:  Scott Durrett

Freddy James